Herpes Treatment And Control

Herpes Treatment And Control


Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus that exists in two strands HSV1 and HSV2 responsible for oral herpes and genital herpes respectively. The herpes virus has no cure out yet but the symptoms can the disease. The two herpes strands have similar molecular structure but different genetic makeup. This is good as breakthrough in finding cure for one of the simplex viruses will also be a breakthrough in finding cure of the other virus. The disease is quite common with research showing that a great number of the American population is infected with the herpes virus. The virus embeds itself to an individual’s system and it cannot be removed by any means.

Once it gets to the body system, it will remain dormant with very few symptoms on early stages of infection. The first set of symptoms might be mistaken for regular body sickness. The symptoms include body fever, loss of appetite, tiny itchy rushes that form in the area surrounding the genitals and other simple subsequent symptoms. The virus remains dormant as it adapts to the infected individuals body conditions. Once it gets the perfect opportunity to manifest it will come to the surface with very grave symptoms. These symptoms are very uncomfortable and painful; this specific stage is known as the outbreak stage.


Follow up outbreaks will not be as serious as the first outbreak; this is because the body automatically finds ways to curb the outbreaks. If an individual happens to take suppressant medication, the outbreaks will get less frequent and it might get to a point where the infected experiences no outbreaks at all.  The body will help the anti-viral medication in finding ways to suppress the outbreak. Antibodies will be formed that will always counter the virus operations.

A great milestone in herpes control has been made with likeminded doctors having devised ways that any infected can follow to ensure they lead a normal healthy life. Vaccines that can also be administered during the outbreaks do exist. These will see any infected individual enjoy their normal life activities. It is advised to take the medications during outbreaks. This is because it is only during this time that the virus is active. Medication at this time will have the body produce more antibodies that will prove beneficial in the fight against the virus for less or no outbreaks at all.

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