What Causes Herpes Outbreaks?

What Causes Herpes Outbreaks?

Herpes is a contagious sexually transmitted disease that comes with symptoms known as outbreaks which follow up after the first mild symptoms. There is no known cure to herpes but individuals can relax since the symptoms can be treated and doctors are working day and night to find the cure to the disease. Having anti-viral medications that can subdue the symptoms that come with herpes infection is good as the doctors are quite close to finding the cure for herpes. The outbreaks show by displaying very painful symptoms that are quite uncomfortable and painful as most infected individuals can attest to this. The outbreaks vary in severity with the first outbreak is more often than not serious as compared to the other follow up subsequent outbreaks which are quite mild.

Herpes can be transmitted from one individual to the other through most sexual activities or kissing, more information about Herpes dating. The virus is vibrant in the infected area and exists in the fluids around the infected areas. If an infected individual happens to kiss an uninfected individual, the virus will get to their system through the mucus membrane or tiny cuts. The virus exists in two strands but they both show similar symptoms during the outbreaks. The two strands are the HSV1 and HSV2 strands responsible for genital herpes and oral herpes respectively. The two are not that different but infected individuals can ease up knowing that medical breakthrough in one of the strands is a subsequent breakthrough on the other strand.

Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus; the operations of the virus are quite alien to doctors. If they happen to understand how the virus operates it will be a definite breakthrough in finding a cure for the disease. Herpes is known to cause a lot of trauma during the outbreaks which manifest in different patterns in different individuals. Doctors are yet to understand what sparks the outbreaks chemically apart from the normal reasons such as stress and low immunity levels in individuals.

Once the virus gets to the nervous system, it remains dormant choosing to show no signs and symptoms as it adapts to the body conditions. Doctors with this knowledge have been able to manufacture anti-viral medications that suppress the virus operations having it remain in dormant state. This in the long run means fewer outbreaks or no outbreaks at all. The outbreaks can be controlled if the infected adheres to the medical treatment or other herbal treatments and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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